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Difficulty: easy

Length: approx. 2-3 km (25-minute hike)

You start from the Hotel Rotwand in the direction of Laives to the Hotel Grüner Baum directly in front of the hiking trail. If you have a friendly request, you can also park your car there. The landlady can of course also provide very good information about the hike.

At the house Emmaus (ex-Gasthof Moser), at the entrance of the Brantentales, the pilgrimage route marked No. 1 to Maria Weißenstein begins. At a large left curve, which can be reached after about 15 minutes, a narrow path branches off to the right, which leads to the historic church “Peterköfele” in a few minutes. Here, at a beautiful vantage point (view all of South Tyrol’s South with Laives, Auer, Bozen) once stood the Liechtenstein Castle (12th century). Sparse remains of the wall and an underground water chamber with an adjacent water shaft still testify to the medieval complex.