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Privacy policy

Letter of information within the meaning of the Legislative Decree of June 30, 2003 “DATA PROTECTION CODE”

In accordance with Art. 13 (Information) of Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003, we inform that our company Hotel Rotwand *** s processes the personal data of customers and suppliers, as well as persons who work in our office or in the Management willingly provide their personal details (in writing, by phone, by fax or by email).

Our company guarantees, within the framework of the legal requirements, that the processing of personal data takes into account the fundamental rights and freedoms as well as the dignity of the person concerned with special reference to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to protection of personal data.

Objectives and purposes in data processing

Fulfillment of legal obligations, obligations from regulations, community norms as well as civil and tax law
Fulfillment of any contractual obligations towards the person concerned
Fulfillment of activities in connection with the business activities of our company such as filling in internal statistics, for accounting and for the management of customer / supplier accounting
Business objectives such as sending business information and advertising material (by post, fax and email), marketing and market research
Protection of claims and management of liabilities
Fulfillment of the duty to report guests to the municipality, public administrations and authorities
In relation to the objectives stated above, your personal data will be passed on if necessary
to public administrations and authorities if this is required by law
to credit institutions with which our company has business relationships for the management of claims / liabilities
to all those natural and / or legal, public and / or private persons (legal, administrative and tax advisory offices, courts, chambers of commerce, etc.), if the forwarding proves to be necessary or useful for the performance of our activity and in the manner specified above and way with the appropriate objectives

The personal data processed by our company is not subject to dissemination. Data processing can be carried out with or without the help of electronic, in any case automatic, means and includes all the processes provided for in Article 4, Paragraph 1, Letter a of Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003 and required for the data processing concerned. I.e. any process or series of processes carried out with or without the help of electronic or other automated processes in which data is collected, stored, organized, stored, developed, changed, selected, recovered, compared, used, linked, blocked, transmitted , disseminated, deleted or destroyed In any case, the data processing is carried out in compliance with all security measures that guarantee their security and confidentiality.

The Data Protection Act gives those concerned the opportunity to exercise certain rights in accordance with Art. In particular, he has the right to know what personal data the owner has about him and to be informed whether there is any data about him, even if it has not yet been saved, and in an understandable form more detailed information about this data, origin and the reason and the purpose of their processing, as well as information about the owners and controllers of the processing and people and categories of people to whom this data may be transmitted. The person concerned has the right to confirm and control his data, to correct and supplement it, to request that the data be deleted, blocked and converted into anonymous data if the processing violates the legal provisions. He has the right to object to the processing of his data in whole or in part for a justifiable reason, as well as to request its deletion, blocking, conversion into anonymous data and without justified reason, if data for the purpose of commercial information, the sending of advertising material, direct sales , be used to market and opinion polling.

The rights in question can be exercised on the part of the person concerned or a person commissioned by him, by requesting the person responsible Fam. Plattner, Hotel Rotwand *** s, Kan. Michael Gamper Str. 2, by registered mail or email to

The data controller is:
Hotel Rotwand *** s – in the person of the legal representative Fam. Plattner, Hotel Rotwand *** s, Kan. Michael Gamper Str. 2.