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Above Kohlern, still reachable by car, the cutter meadows spread out. The Plattner family, originating from the old Tyrolean family, came from North Tyrol to South Tyrol in the middle of the 18th century and took over the Schneiderwiesen pasture. A shelter was then built on the former alpine pasture in the 1930s, which was expanded into a modern tourist inn in 1980. The inn, guesthouse and restaurant, located at the highest point – at 1400 meters -, the faction since in the municipality of Laives, is surrounded by meadows and coniferous forest. A riding stable is waiting for horse lovers and offers unforgettable excursions.

The innkeeper, Josef Plattner, is the best connoisseur of the Kohlerer Berg and can provide the best information about any hiking trail. In order not to go astray, it is always recommended to contact the host first before hiking. In the past two years, new hiking trails have also been created and clearly visible markings have been added. However, not all hiking maps have been updated.

Various hiking trails from the Schneiderwiesen:

Hiking opportunities:

1. Farmer’s cabbages, men’s cabbages, Wolfstal, Totes Moos, (possibly Rotenstein, Panoramapunkt), Titschenwarte, WegNr. 5a, Schneiderwiesen, cable car mountain station.

Total walking time: 3.5 hours, difference in altitude: 400 m.

2. Bauernkohlern, Herrenkohlern, Wolfstal (path No. E5, Wölflhof, (path No. 2), Rölihof, (Weg R), mountain station.

Total walking time: 5 hours, difference in altitude: 650 m.

3. Farmer’s cabbage (path no. 1), Bad St. Isidor, Kampenn, Schulsteig, Virgl, BZ center or cable car.

Total walking time: 3 hours, difference in altitude: 900 m on the descent.

4. Farmer’s cabbage, Schneiderwiesen, (trail no.3a, Seit, Fritscher (trail no.3), Haselburg, Haslach promenade.

5.Virgl, cable car.

Total walking time: 4 hours, difference in altitude: 300 m on the ascent, 1100 m on the descent.

6.Peasant cabbages, (path No. 3), Seit, Leiferer Höhenweg (path No. 11), Steinerhof, Leifers.

Total walking time: 4 hours, difference in altitude: 800 m on the descent.

7.Peasant cabbages, Schneiderwiesen, (path No. 6), Wolfstal (path No. 7), Rölihof, mountain or valley station.

Total walking time: 4.5 hours, difference in altitude: 800 m.